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Curated and performed by Eloise Kim

For Ashley Jellison

Message from the artist:

I am honored to collaborate in this meaningful project with heARTists and raise awareness to our world’s mental health. I seek to send a message of hope to those that are suffering a period of darkness and isolation. Life is so many things: incredible hardships, but also mixed with precious moments of indescribable beauty. We all have the power to overcome our struggles, as long as we are aware of our strengths and hold onto those precious moments life brings. I dedicate my music performance to the victims of suicide, suicide survivors, and those who are in their destination of finding hope to life. You matter. You are loved. Life will always be worth it. The curation of this program was inspired by Ashley Jellison's story "My Authentic Life and Headspace" and is dedicated to her.

1) Chopin Mazurka Op. 63 No. 3 c# minor:

Feeling lost and in pain. There seems to be no hope to this end of this tunnel. We are trying, but we feel completely alone. There has been so much loss. The heart is shattered to pieces. The struggle feels endless, but we will overcome.

2) Carl Vine V. Threnody:

Dedicated to the victims of suicide, individuals who are suffering, and those who recently lost a dear family or friend. None of us saw this coming. We wish we could have made a difference. We wish they were still here. These losses make us realize how important it is to never forget the precious moments in our lives. Those memories will be our thread of hope, and become our strength to choose life.

3) Wesley Chu Bonsai Dance:

Breathe. Choose to engage in what makes you smile. Dance. Sing. Laugh. There is light at the end of every tunnel after all. We can all overcome any hardship and come out even stronger from it. Life will be worth it. Trust the process.

Audio Engineer & Videographer: Kevin Hsu, 12/34 LAB

Video Edit: Wesley Chu

Location: Fried Music 

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