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Questions for survivors who wish to share their stories

Q: Do you charge survivors a fee in order to transform a story into art?

A: We do not charge survivors any fees for artworks made for them. We appreciate the bravery of survivors in sharing their stories and are committed to make this a healing experience for them. We will therefore cover all the costs in the production process, including commission fees paid to our heARTists for making artworks for survivors who took the brave step to share their stories.

Q: I read some of the posted stories and I feel like my story is not as traumatic compared to them. Are there specific types of stories you're looking for?

A: There is no hierarchy of pain. We believe that every story of pain, regardless of how traumatic it may sound to others, is valid and deserves to be heard. Pain can come in many forms, such as discrimination, bullying, family issues, relationship abuse, and the death of loved ones, to name a few. Each experience is unique and significantly impacts our lives. We want to honor the stories of as many survivors as we possibly can and do not compare stories on the basis of how traumatic it may appear to others. We would love to hear your story and feature it on the website to empower others.

Q: Can I share my story anonymously?

A: Yes, we respect the privacy of survivors who are taking the brave step of sharing their stories with us. Survivors who do not wish to reveal their real names can either indicate that they do not want any names attached to their stories or choose a nickname to be posted with their stories.

Q: What if I submit my story and it is not transformed into art?

Since we are still in the early stage of the project, we may not be able to transform every story immediately. However, as the number of our heARTists grows, we will be able to transform more and more stories into art. So in the case that our existing heARTists have not found their way to your story yet, please do not take it personally, and know that it may still be transformed later as more heARTists join us. In the meantime, your story will be featured on our website to empower many others and we truly appreciate your bravery in sharing your story with us.

Q: If a heARTist made an artwork based on my story, will I receive the finished artwork?

A: We will send survivors whose stories are transformed into art a digital copy of the artwork as a gift. However, to discuss the possibility and procedure of receiving a physical copy, we ask that you contact the heARTist who made the artwork directly, as they have the right to decide what can be done with their artworks.  Since every artwork a heARTist makes is precious, we want to respect each heARTist's decisions and wills.

Q: I would like to share my story. Can you tell me how to do so?

A: Thank you very much for your bravery in sharing your story with us! To read the guidelines and submit your story, please go to Tell Us Your Story page where you can locate some tips for writing as well as the Google Form. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any additional questions regarding this process.

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