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Image by Kelly Sikkema


Questions for artists who wish to become a heARTist

Q: Are heARTists expected to work for free or will they be compensated for their work?

A: We will compensate heARTists for their work and do not expect them to work for free. Since becoming a professional artist can take years and even decades of training, we would like to help artists as much as we can and will compensate them for their time and great work. However, given that we are not running this project for profit and our funding comes from donations, we do have a limited budget for each artwork at the moment. For details, please contact us at

Q: I am an artist and want to contribute to this project. Are there specific types of art that you are looking for?

We welcome any art form!!

For example:

  • Literature (poetry, drama)

  • Visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography)

  • Graphic and decorative arts

  • Performing arts (theatre, dance)

  • Music (composition, performance)

  • Motion picture and film

  • And many more!

For details, please contact us at

Q: What skill level do I have to be in order to become a heARTist?

You do not need a professional background to become a heARTist! We believe anyone can be an artist as long as you have a passion!

Q: What are heARTists expected to do once they join the project?

Periodically, we will approach our list of registered heARTists with stories submitted by survivors, which are publicly available. heARTists are also free and welcome to reach out to us with proposals if a particular story from the Storyboard catches their interest.

Q: I am an artist and love what you are doing! Would it be possible to join the heARTists?

A: Absolutely! We are always happy to have new artists join our heARTists team! Join heARTists page has a detailed guideline regarding how to join us. If you have any additional questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact us or email us directly at

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