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For Solo Piano

Written for "Bella
Composed and performed by Wesley Chu

It is an honor to present this as the inaugural piece for HEARTISTS. Named after the first submitted testimony, Adversity is inspired by the brief memoir’s themes of loss, isolation, fear, and perseverance.

I. Intrusion

The first movement is centered around both loneliness and invasion, such as the feeling of being a stranger in one’s own home, and weathering attacks from those meant to care for you.

II. Silence

The second movement is a song of introspection, like a melody hummed in the darkness to one’s self. The same solitude that assails us can also be a shield; it hardens us from further injuries, harm that we come to associate with the light. This inversion is reflected in the movement’s secondary theme, which is the primary theme turned upside-down.

III. Release

The third movement tells the story of endurance and persistence in the face of trauma and abuse. The themes of the earlier movements, just as the pain of our past, lingers with us. It is a part of us. Only with great courage and determination can we escape, freeing ourselves from misery in a great exhilarating burst.

*If you would like a PDF copy of the original piano solo score for Adversity, we are glad to offer it for a no-minimum donation. This is so that we can support the heARTists for their hardworking and commitment for the project. Please contact us at for more details.

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