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NYC Subway

Train Experience in NYC

Story by Anonymous

This incident happened when I was 16 years old while college touring myself in New York City. As a girl who grew up in a suburban area, going to college in the big city has been my long dream. And that big city was New York City for me. Every newest trend in fashion, food, and culture starts here. That day, I was full of excitement walking around my dream destination and having a spectacular morning touring colleges.

Around noon, I was heading to the subway station to have lunch with my friend who is attending the school where I wanted to apply. Since it was my first time visiting this city, I just followed the directions using an online map. 

Unfortunately, the train was full of people due to the rush hour. As the train door opened, I got inside with a bunch of people. It was very crowded which made me cautious about getting robbed so I hugged my purse tightly with both arms inside my chest. After a few minutes, I felt something against my thigh. I felt weird but just ignored it since it was full of people on the train. However, I experienced discomfort and a rubbing sensation as the train passed every station. As I felt intense rubbing against my thigh, I realized what it was. I immediately looked back but could not figure out who it was since people around me were so tall which blocked my view. I said "Help" with all the courage I have but no one heard since many noises were flying across. Also, I assumed some people were wearing headphones and could not even hear. 

"I have two more stations until I get off. If I endure for a bit, I can escape"

I told myself that and waited.

"It's the last station!" 

I had high hopes that I would  be able to get out of this situation. Right at the moment when I felt a little relief, this person pushed his crotch against my private area. My blood ran cold. The only emotion I felt was fear. 

"If I stay here, I am in danger "

As the train door opened, I jumped out of the train. People thought I was a rude Asian who pushed people to get off first. They looked at me with a nasty eye but I did not care. That was the only way for me to get out of this situation.

As I walked to the exit, I felt tears rolling down my face. 

What just happened?

Why did it happen?

Why me?

As a teenage girl who never had a sexual experience, the feeling of disgust, ashamed, and guilt was left behind. Even now, I still remember it and never forget how this person left scars on my heart. 

I want people to know that it takes courage to speak up for the first time. And especially after it gets rejected, it is very tough to seek help the second time. I hope people do not have to go through the experience like me and feel safe to ride any public transportation. 

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