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​Hikari Nakamura

Co-Artistic Director
Piano, Electronic Music

Hikari Nakamura is a versatile artist who performs across the United States, Japan, Poland, France and the United Kingdom. 


Born in Mie, Japan

Grew up in MI, USA


Hikari gave her solo debut performance when she was 12 performing piano concertos in Poland, and was featured as a soloist with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra as a winner of the Leonard Slatkin Piano Award. A passionate collaborative pianist, Hikari has been an active collaborator/ chamber musician since a young age. In the past two seasons, Hikari was invited to perform chamber music with world-renowned musicians at the Kent Blossom Music Festival in cooperation with the Cleveland Orchestra. In recent years, Hikari has been involved in projects with ensemble groups focusing and premiering contemporary and new music, with featured performances including ​Tehillim​ by Steve Reich at the Toledo Museum of Art, ​The Pieces That Fall to Earth​ by Christopher Cerrone, and ​Sure baby, mañana​ by Sarah Gibson.

With Hikari’s growing passion for dance with live music, she continuously creates and premieres new works with dancers. Most recently, she appeared on the Collage XLII​ stage of Hill Auditorium in Michigan with her collaborative work ​Bloodroot​. With her expertise in accompanying various styles, she has accompanied prestigious companies and institutions such as the Mark Morris Dance Company, the Tulsa Ballet, the Northern Ballet, the University of Michigan, and many others.

Hikari holds a Masters of Music Degree from the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, & Dance, and graduated with a Bachelor of Music Degree from the Lynn University Conservatory of Music with a full scholarship. Her teachers were Professor Christopher Harding, Dr. Roberta Rust, Dr. Thomas Lymenstull, Tomoko Mack, Kazimierz Brzozowski, Joela Jones the principal keyboardist of the Cleveland Orchestra (chamber music), Peter Otto (chamber music), Richard Weiss (chamber music) and David Halen the concertmaster of St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (chamber music).


  • Music: Robert Schumann, Glass Animals, SEVENTEEN

  • Dancer: Daniil Simkin

  • Ballet/ Dance Company: Martha Graham Dance Company

  • Choreographer: Choi Youngjoon


​Cooking, crocheting/ knitting, traveling, yoga, working out, enjoys trying out new cuisine and food! 


  • Never lived in one city for more than 3 years since the childhood

  • Dreaming to win a title for the first ever pianist bodybuilder one day

  • Enjoys trying mysterious food, recently tried a raw horse tartar! 

  • ​Always stop by morning markets when traveling! Enjoys talking with local people and does not fear any language barrier! 

Projects for heARTists:

Quantum Entanglement


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